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Business Consulting

I help small businesses scale by leveraging digital tools, techniques, and build team's capacity to deliver value.

NGO Consulting

I support Local and International Organizations make informed decisions of their investment through digital analytics.

Digital Campaigns

I develop bespoke Digital Campaigns that are centered on High Quality Designs, Analytics, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning.


I write for Landing Pages, Website & Social Media Content Calendars. My copy is designed for traction on leads & conversion to close deals.
About me

I am an Interactive Development and Digital Consultant

My geographical focus is the Sub-Saharan Africa; and I have hands on expertise in thematic areas that include: Leading Teams, Project Management in Gender and Inclusion, Connectivity Design, Project Monitoring and Evaluation, Digital Engagement for Business Development, Proposal Development, Copy-writing for Digital Businesses, Website Development, and Communication for Development.








Be Assured, I am Really Good at What I do.

For a long time I have been interested to understand the dynamics of business and the development sector in Malawi. I have interesting insights that will proper your brand to greater heights and maximize impact.

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Private Consultations
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Companies and NGOs
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Websites Developed
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Campaigns Developed
Why Choose

There are many Digital Consultants in Malawi but a lot of clients choose me for a reason

Growing brands in the .com era requires a complete digital revolution that goes beyond codes and technical language. I lead teams in crafting contextual and bespoke digital campaigns that are value for your money.

Digital Analytics for Strategic Options

Having data and translate that into a strategic shift is a no-brainer. I have worked with many companies that really got stuck here. I help brands turn data into actionable insights.

Data is Money

Data is value, and it can translate into money. I help my clients understand their sales-funnel, conversion and develop a path for value creation.

I Help Organizations and Businesses Find Their Space in the Digital Economy

The Digital Economy is expanding to all corners of the world. Your brand has to be ready for the future. It’s time to create a pattern of success by being futuristic. I will help you envision your brand for the next 5 to 10 years via the lens of digital.


It’s always a joy to hear that the work I do has positive reviews.

I have spent 8+ years working in a Startup, later as a Private Consultant, and Manager in Local & International Organizations.

Our Project

I am always hooked to very interesting and challenging projects. I love being Stretched!

The Digital Economy is all about speed, constant research and going an extra mile. I choose challenging projects to inspire the quest of breaking new grounds.


Hi, I am happy to share my thoughts with you.

After 8+ years of success and learning in inspiring my clients to deliver top results, I can unequivocally say that the answer to business success in the .com era is in how you leverage digital insights to define strategy and evidence.

Contact me

My clients span through Malawi, African Region, with pockets of influence in the Europe.

I have listened to unique stories of Organizations, and helped hundreds to reach their goals. Maybe your story is exciting and I can add value to it in growing your brand, and excite learning and impact. Fill the form below and I will personally call you…


Sparrows Street, Area 49, Lilongwe, Malawi.

Call for help:

(+265) 881090544
(+265) 998014884

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